Member Testimonials

"I love and believe in the Manistee Friendship Society! It is a wonderful place to come and receive unconditional acceptance and friendship. As i grew in the classes I was able to give back, not only to the center, but the community. Healthy cooking classes, pool tournaments and talent shows are just a few of the fun activities the center has to offer."

Kimberly M. 

"I have been a member of the Manistee friendship society for about a year and I can honestly say that this center has changed my life for the better. A year ago, I was full of anxiety and suffered from severe depression, but when I walked through the doors of the Friendship center everything changed for me. I was greeted by the centers Executive director and was given a tour and information on the center and the classes. Cassandra Kamaloski has such a warmth about her not to mention a vast amount of knowledge about the center and mental illness. 

I immediately started participating in activities, group sessions and wellness classes. It was only a matter of time before I was returning the support to my peers. The environment and culture that Cassandra works hard to keep everyday is a comfortable and non-judgmental safe place. Although I have only been a member for about a year, I am sure that I have found more than just a service. I have found a community that I am proud to be supported by and to help support."

Tina B. 

"I go to the Friendship Society to help get my anger under control. I have been going for around 5 months. The staff is very friendly and I have met a few friends. I would recommend people to come to the center if they need help with something in their life or they want to make new friends."

Mark T. 

"I have been coming to the Drop-in center for many years. I feel it has helped me come a long way in my recovery. I really like our Director, she is the most down to earth director I have met. It helps me when I go to the Friendship Society, I have been less depressed and more active then i have ever been!"

Joe S. 

"The Friendship Center is a great place to meet people, have a cup of coffee and something to eat. They have lunch available everyday. Today we had pizza that someone in the community donated and there were over 20 people here. There is always someone to talk to at the center. You can relax and watch some TV or play video games too. There's something for everyone."

Art B.

"I come to the center to be with friends and to live life together. I want to be able to help others in their journey through recovery."

Katherine D. 

"I attend the Friendship Society Drop-in Center because it allows me to connect with others as a social outlet. I've attended the Drop-in Center for over 10 years and am now retired and on SSI. I use the computers and love to help out as able. The Director and volunteers are great at listening and guiding me when I need to discuss issues. The Friendship Society allows me to have a place to belong and purpose to interact."

Tony L. 

"I was invited to come to the Halloween party at the drop-in center in 2018 by a fellow CMH client. I came and met a buddy right away. Everyone was so welcoming. I go to the center Monday- Friday most days ever since. I think it is the most wonderful thing for our community. I have built many relationships here and supports. We do cooking classes and play bingo. I attend the Depression Support Group and we support each other. A great big thank you to whomever is making this possible. It is so very beneficial to many folks in the community. Its part of what makes Manistee great!"

Michelle D. 

"I like to go to the drop-in to be with other people that have been through struggles like I have. That have an understanding of what i'm going through on a daily basis. I attend the support groups and they tend to help me throughout my day."

Tana B. 

"I like hanging out with good people and getting help at the Friendship Society. It is more then just a place to chat with friends everyday, it helps to get me out of the house. It is a great place. I enjoy the cooking classes, playing pool, going on the computer and going bowling! I like that we are offered the gym and pool memberships as well." 

Chris R.

"The drop-in has always been a second home to me. It is a nice place to come and hang out. I like to play pool and visit with friends. :)" 

Brandyn N.